winged beauties


8 thoughts on “winged beauties

  1. It is a beautiful poem. did you eat the salad and leave the worm a leaf?
    It’s hot here, so we went swimming in the community pool last night (which is open 24/7).
    Bats swoop down and pluck the bugs out of the pool, but they missed one.
    Later in the evening before we went home….I went in the ladies’ room, walked by the mirror, and saw my reflection with a big wolf spider standing on my head.
    I am thinking….could I write a lovely philosophical poem about the spider, like you did about the worm?.
    I don’t know. I haven’t yet. Don’t know if I will ever be able to… 🙂

    1. first, thank you very much for appreciating my piece. about being able to write a poem about the spider…you may find it easy if you’d associate the spider with yourself as the spinner of destiny or a weaver of your dreams(?) just a thought ❤
      would like to read it when you're done.

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