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    1. am referring to the the kind of sentences often used while young. children learn from their whys, whats and hows. as man ages, he becomes more demanding and so sure of himself (that’s why he doesn’t ask questions anymore) and sees himself as superior to others so he’d order people around and frequently use exclamatory words to express what he feels…

      1. I’m aged alright but still feels like being a child and want to learn more by asking questions. Why is that? Am I stupid? 🙂

      2. it means you never stop learning and w/ all humility you acknowledge the fact that you don’t know everything or don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to.

      3. I don’t know nothing about nothing. But thanks to the blog, I’m beginning to know people all over the world have the same feeling and basically they love peace and quiet life. Above all, we all can like each other. I can prove this by the fact that I get lots of “likes” on my postings but never “hates”. 🙂

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