me talking to myself

me talking to myself


26 thoughts on “me talking to myself

  1. Hi again! I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer with the test sketches, so here’s one of them!

    (Don’t worry. The final illustration won’t look a thing like this mess!)

    There’s a spiral effect that I want to do with the text going towards the inside of the person the farther you get into the poem. The other thing is that this’ll have to be done on a larger paper, but that’s good for me because I’ll get to give the figure more attention intsead of having them as this unsatisfying mess! If I buckle down this fellow can be done by Saturday or Monday God willing 😀

    1. love it. the honor is mine, thank you very much for choosing my words at kintal. you’ve no idea how much you made me happy i’m proud of you and your work. congratulations, well done.

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