5 thoughts on “cracks

  1. Thank you for helping me to find your art space!
    I’ve sort of have the summer off from watching grandchildren, but it’s been filled with yard work and some traveling.

    I’m not sure what WP did, but I can’t flip back and forth between my own sites on the http line when leaving comments anymore.
    I didn’t even know WP had ‘improved’ ‘The Reader’ experience until someone else had complained about it.

    I thought I had lost some friends, but I put that down to me being away, even though I continued to post daily.

    If one window is stuck shut… find another window or another door 🙂

    1. WP admin thinks they’re helping us by constantly changing its features. as a blogger using it for free, all i can do is to accept the changes and learn their ways

      1. Truth – we have to keep looking for windows to open 🙂

        I never did use the reader much. But I did try to visit those who visited me with some regularity. Even if not everyday. And with not having likes posted (because of troll-types) I ended up missing some folks.

        There is only so much time in any day. Continued success with your family and art.

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