13 thoughts on “tailormade

  1. Yes,polished and shiny perfection type of love, no spots whatsoever and that’s how it goes until that neat kid grows up and gets to face the reality.

  2. When I was little we were poor, and making your own clothes was more affordable than purchasing them. My Mom made me the latest fashions, and beautiful dresses, shorts, and blouses. She doesn’t think she can sew, but I have so many memories of the clothes she made me. One story: she was preparing to make me a new dress for school and asked me what color I would like my dress to be as she was heading to the fabric store? I was quite cross with her b/c she didn’t let me do something I wanted to do and answered her very snotty…BLACK!

    Well, she got to the fabric store and thought I can’t make her an all Black dress she’s just not old enough at 5 for that, so she found a lovely abstract pattern in black and white and made me a dress with lovely black buttons down the bodice and pleated full skirt. Then bought me little patent leather black Mary Jane Shoes and white socks with lace on the tops. I felt wonderful and very fashionable in that dress! Even though I detested my curly hair! That dress was my favorite that year and I wanted to wear it everyday.

    This is just one of several very vivid memories of the clothes my Mom made for me. My Mom remembers this dress too. Only because Black was not a color for 5 year old girls. “)

    I wish making your own clothes was less expensive than buying them. I’m afraid the opposite is true today. My gosh have you seen how much buttons cost today??

    FWIW: I love Black and White and wear the combo quite often….all year long! Who know’s…perhaps my anger and my Mother’s sense sparked a fashion color trend that has spanned my life since. ??

    Sorry I’m nattering on and on. You opened up the flood gates to memories with this post! “) I’m going to txt my Mom and tell again for the zillionth time how much I loved that dress she made me.

    1. oh, i love your story, it’s always good to remember what our mothers have done for us. not all mothers can sew, some can cook while others write or paint. whatever it is that mothers give to their children is always for their welfare and those things bring good memories. parents think they know what’s best for their children. i believe in their wisdom and i believe also in the children’s right to voice out their opinion. thank you very much for sharing your happy thoughts here.

      1. Sadly, I can’t sew as well as my Mother…I’ve tried! Girl, I would have a closet of designer “knock offs” if I could. I just don’t have the Engineering brain it takes to think right, and wrong side of the fabric. I rip out more times that care to count on any garment I’ve to sew or design. I’ve said since I was 16 years old …”This is my life in hell. I have a closet full of designer clothes, but I can’t sew or drape!”

        The smocked bodices and perfectly tailored to my body dresses, shorts, and blouses that my mother made for me is the gift/talent I wish I was born with. She …my Mother is also a fantastic pianist. She never really pursued it but I saw and wished to be that person. Sadly after 13 years of lessons and 2-4 hour practice sessions I know I’m not the one in the family with the talent to be the concert pianist. My Mom and Daughter are! Yet, neither pursues it! Do you even fathom how maddening that is? Sigh!

      2. as they say, we can’t have it all. so we just cherish what is or are given to us, remain thankful for everything and share whatever we can to others. our uniqueness will complement each other.

      3. You are very wise! Tu est tres sage! What is the gift I leave my children? I know not. …One is super bright at figuring out how School and Learning works…I was not and never will be good at this, and the other is amazing at selling, and marketing. I was not. Both continue to amaze, and astonish me with their talents and gifts.

  3. I liked reading this poem – I felt there was a sinister undertone to it, as if the parents were genetically choosing what they wanted in the child, as well as dressing her perfectly to meet their high standards… maybe I’m reading too much into it but I love poems like this that make me THINK!

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