Our Work Has Been Stolen

iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas

I think I always knew this was going to happen. In fact, I caught someone a few years ago that had stolen one of my iphone photos and was distributing it to people that wanted to create composites. I wasn’t too upset about that because it wasn’t a great photo, and it probably wouldn’t have been used for anything since it was heavily edited. At any rate, a simple cease and desist worked.

This recent discovery is much more upsetting. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole that myself and other artists have been delving into the last few days. At first it looked like another poster website selling photographs that didn’t belong to them. A bit of research has lead us to believe its much worse.

I actually found some of your work on their site too. I’ll mention the names in a minute, but I honestly don’t want…

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11 thoughts on “Our Work Has Been Stolen

      1. If you left your camera on a seat in a busy shopping mall, how likely would it be that it would still be there five hours later? Yes, what they are doing is wrong, but it is also something that i would expect to happen.

  1. Wow.
    Good to be aware.
    Truth is if someone wants to steal, there is no way to prevent it, and stopping it can be difficult . Thankfully, most people aren’t thieves. And we have a positive WordPress community to work in.
    Hugs, be safe. And it’s good you take the precaution to watermark all of your work 🙂
    O and om.

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