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with me


21 thoughts on “with me

      1. Hi Marlyn our editor at Princezz Pinkz Media has sent you a private message on facebook it will be in your others folder about featuring a story on you 🙂 we have misplaced your email address if it easier let us know your email address and we can also send the message there. Thank You very much

      1. It if a is book called “Stories of Eve Luna.” by Isabel Allende.
        Try Amazon but I was house sitting and found the book on my hosts book shelf.
        Being a doctor and a lady with good taste I was keen to explore her library.
        It was the words in your post that made me recall the beginning of that book.
        They were very different but had a similar unique descriptive quality.

      2. thank you very much Jack, for introducing me Isabel Allande. I am reading excerpts from the “Stories of Eve Luna” and i think you are right in saying that i will like it. thank you again. now i will go back to the tab and continue reading…

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