freak-looking mama

freak-looking mama

When the alarm goes off, she automatically transforms into a stringed puppet pulled from a box.  Leaps like a frog, crawls like a newt, worming her way down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and pack meals in lunch boxes. 

Harefooted, she clears the driveway for her husband who’s about to leave for office,  closes the gate then sprints like a cheetah back to the table to check if kids took their vitamins.

One last look at the assignment notebooks just to see if they’ve done their homeworks or have put in their bags materials for art or science experiment or ingredients for cooking class … before school service arrives. 

Just when she thinks everything is A-OK, on the very last minute she’d see  them wearing socks that do not match, wrongly tucked blouses or wearing rubber shoes instead of school shoes.   Small details she did not notice before sending them off to school.  Because she was too busy processing, readying and  putting things together in her mind all at the same time.  Sometimes  she’d think  there’s so much more she can do, if only she has another arm or two, expandable fingers, extra legs, wider eyes, larger ears plus antennas (for sensing any forgotten items)…

happy mother’s day  ;D

K 7’4’14

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10 thoughts on “freak-looking mama

  1. This is an apt description of what a Mom must accomplish while everyone else is “getting ready”. Being a Mom is the most difficult job in the world and all moms, who love their children, have my utmost respect and awe. Happy Moms Day.

  2. I’m glad to visit your blog and read your wonderful work: I realize that you posts appear in my “reader” (of course I follow you!) without the “like” button… maybe it’s because I just LOVE them 🙂 kind regards from France, Frédéric.

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