love in ten lines (challenge)

love in ten lines

kintal has been enjoined  by a dear friend, Wayne to do the ten-liner love poem:  Wayne has made his ten-liner complexly simple, to see what he has created – entitled Odd Love Confession   please visit him at simply complex is complexly simple.

  • Write about love using only 10 lines.
  • Use “love” in every line.
  • Each line can only be 4 words long.
  • Nominate 10 or so others who are up for the challenge.
  • Let them know about the challenge.
  • Title the post, Love in Ten Lines 
  • Include a quote about love  (i choose to affix my own)

love cooks rebloglove cooks slightly differed leads poured out in catharsis preserved in ages with seasonings found on earth… understanding and respect to name  a few.


P.S. you may want to write in any language you’re comfortable with just be guided with the rules, thank you.        have fun everyone  ;D


43 thoughts on “love in ten lines (challenge)

  1. Thank you very much. I think I have done this before but will quickly do one here for your sake.
    Love is a hurdle
    Love is a beauty
    Love is a duty
    Love’s head thinks not
    Love is a challenge
    Love is a savage
    Love does move mountains
    When love treats right
    Love is like wind
    Love hits anyone
    Mum C

  2. Thank you for thinking of me. I love your ‘Love’. We need one of these types of challenges to go round for ‘Peace’ too.

    We need to work to harmonize peace and love and love and peace! Be well and thanks again.
    Your art is always inspiring!

  3. Marlyn, just read your love in ten lines. Noticed I had trouble with the rhythm , using “LOVE” in every line. Starting with it, as you did, made the poem dynamic, and almost a list poem.Smooth! It is amazing how e-involved we have become.
    Our talents are honored reciprocally, and we are both quick. Besides, we use the same on-line programs. Hello sister-artist!

  4. Hi Marlyn, I love your words here! You have been following me for some time now, and you know I don’t follow rules. I was invited to the challenge last week. I did post, but this is for you.

    Love can be bittersweet
    Love should be passionate
    My love is trustworthy
    Do you feel love?
    Betrayal is not love
    Love warms cold hearts
    Love is everlasting
    Love lives within me
    Show love to others
    I’ll share my love

  5. Your approach is so original this is awesome Marlyn. Thanks so much for accepting my challenge and for making me think. Hope to do more like this in the future and I also hope you will be involved :).

    1. this challenge was considerably hard, because everything is limited in words and lines. i’ve always wanted to write freely but that’s what the challenge is all about – to try new things out from our comfort zones.

      nice to do challenges once in a while
      we get to see what we can do and accept our limitations, too.

      thanks again dear Wayne for the challenge.

      warm thoughts ;D

  6. Love, how many ways.
    Love of beauty fair
    Children’s love beyond compare
    Love a wondrous emotion
    Dog love unending devotion
    Neighbours love- a feat!
    Food, love to eat!
    Love of money – weakness.
    Love fellow man- greatness.
    Love is human kindness.

  7. one portrait of love

    love is not just a pretty face
    it is an aura that beckons love
    love of nature
    love of life
    desire for everyone to love
    to share love with th’ unlov’d
    real love is not imaginary
    sense the love within my heart?
    then love me to know
    your love is also real

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