Dear WP friends,

My daughter is on the last year of her multimedia and graphic arts course.  She is currently doing her thesis and needs a survey related to the demand and/or marketability of illustrated poetry books.

I would like to ask for your help in filling up the form on this link

Will look forward to your insights on this matter.

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Marlyn @kintal


P.S. for the summary of results please follow this link

thank you.


53 thoughts on “survey

      1. I love new ideas especially the ones that are outside the box. Originality means no one else have created it. Love and Light! Diane

  1. Done, would have been cool if she would have tracked the country of residence too. Would love to see the results. Hope you will post a summary.

  2. Those were interesting questions. I wrote in the “other box” a couple of times. I hope you print the results because I think they will be quite interesting. 🙂 Happy to help.

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