broken ones


broken ones


16 thoughts on “broken ones

  1. A very meaningful message…most times they are discarded, because many will shy away not wanting to help with the repair…it probably reminds many of their own broken selves. Marlyn, such a gorgeous poem! I have really missed your daily treats! Much love to you my sister, for all you share and bring to life each day to inspire us!

  2. Perhaps, we’re all broken sometimes, and we need that experience before we can feel compassion for the broken ones we meet. We share the feeling of brokenness, even though we have recovered. Now we can care for those who have not, and, perhaps never will recover, for whatever reason(s).

    1. for it is from being broken that we begin to appreciate what being well and whole again means and only then can we help and heal others.

      thanks for a perpending on this matter. i love your thoughts.

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