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22 thoughts on “sail with me

      1. Happy new year friend. I’ve been away from your blog for far too long so I took some time to catch up and I’m happy that I did. You are as inspiring as ever and I’m glad to see you’ve stuck to your style.

        How is 2015 treating you so far??

      2. So far it has been pretty great actually. Excited for the cold to leave and the warmth to come. Unfortunately I am sick right now, so I have been focused on just trying to get well which is a full time job. Since I do not get sick often when I do I get extremely sick so it hasn’t been fun at all, but it happens that is life.

        Just grateful I opened my eyes this morning 🙂

      3. Yes you’re absolutely correct. Unfortunately I don’t have a valentine to worry about, or fortunately depending on how you look at it hehe, so I can just focus on getting well.

        Maybe I will find one out of the blue someday, I am a romantic and things do get lonely sometimes, but there’s a time for everything and right now just isn’t my time. I’m ok with that.


      4. Thanks. If you know of any beautiful women from the Philippines who need a valentine let me know hehe.

        You’re the best friend. 2015 will be a great year for you. I know it.

  1. I love this image… for me it brings together the ocean and the desert with a road cutting through. Brilliant!

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