turtle heart

turtle heart


12 thoughts on “turtle heart

  1. Love the poem. The first 2 lines reminded me of computer! Was it meant that way. And your artwork how do you do it? *Immensely curious*

    1. My pieces may be interpreted and taken in many different ways, take the nearest one to your heart. About my artwork, it’s like i’m in a trance whenever i create, am enjoying it a lot. Sometimes i use my children’s drawings when they were still small.
      thanks for your interest.

  2. I know when those times come, your happiness will always be near! Your daily gifts will always be treasured gifts that will bring a radiance to any one who embraces them…because within them your spirit of love will always live. I share what I write so some may know the beauty of a soul…in love with God, and life. Thanks for the embraces of your daily paintings, images and words….they make a soul wealthy because I see His spirit of love and life alive within all you do! Have a wonderful weekend M!

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