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7 thoughts on “sick cells

  1. Research, education, prevention and attitude help!

    It’s just so darned unfair when you think you’ve beaten a thing once and it returns.
    In people and our fur family too. In-laws just lost a Fur Friend to disease.

    I can’t imagine though that there are still some folks who would rather not vaccinate their children.

      1. I knew a woman who actually thought it would be better if her children were not immunized. Was very much against her children getting any vaccines. Very rarely does an immunization cause a violent reaction. But it does happen. And perhaps she knew someone’s child that had a bad reaction.

      2. It would be – but she just refused them. Said no, not gonna happen. I’m not sure if Amish children get immunized or not, being a strict sect. There was something in the news today about a Tribe of peoples who have not been exposed to ‘modern man’ – and that they too would have problems just like the Native Peoples did when the Spanish first landed on the America’s shores and brought disease that the natives couldn’t deal with. Too many did get sick and die.

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