the wound that time won’t heal

the wound that time won't heal reblogmy son (Xavier) says no to war at the age of 3.


18 thoughts on “the wound that time won’t heal

  1. Bless Xavi for this! Such a powerful drawing. I know all about that wounds – that refused to heal even though I have had couple of decades in-between and it is all about the aftermaths of a very senseless local war! Really loved the title.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I wish all would see the world as an innocent babe sees it. Everything is concrete and so simple, just stop hurting each other. You would think after thousands of years of doing the same thing with no positive results that humanity would wake up and stop the senseless slaughter. God Bless your child richly and may he always hold this precious truth in his heart.

  3. Sweet and very artistic for a three year old:) He must take after his mom:) I took my 7 year old grandson for a walk around a nearby school that has a memorial for graduates who died in WWII etc. and when I explained their names were there because they died in the war my grandson spent the rest of the day making (in his mind) extraordinary weapons that would bring all the soldiers home safe from war:)

  4. He’s right. And a good lesson for all of the world’s politicians. Killing a little boy’s, or girl’s, mom or dad is not a good or smart way to defend a country. It only guarantee’s more war in the future. Thanks for showing us he’s already smarter than the vast majority of the world’s politicians. 🙂

  5. Yeah it’s quiet sad that we still engage in wars in the 21st century… I don’t think any of us are born violent, gotta question the societies we are raised in.
    It’s great that you use their artwork, make it alive, and protect their cellular memory of what once was their truth. Great workings of the family ❤ xox

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