second chance

second chance


15 thoughts on “second chance

  1. well my lady ..deserved more than a second chance,, but she didn’t take it… 😦 yeah i agree with ya, but don’t do me a lotta good really, for 4 years now all i evr wanted was her to return,,many many chances laters,ah but to nevr return now 🙂 is a crying shame in mikeys life….. oh well.. hey NOW back to U marlyn … keep on keepin on with the kewl stufffffffff 🙂 an have a great week! i jest needed to share somewhere an ur poem related .THANQ

      1. not really sure whether that is good advice er not….but on another note i really don’t wanna die alone….. thanks for ur reply…Lifes been Deva Stated 2 long by an angel in drag 😦 as da d evil i assume,,i a hard thing to accept is all.thanQ again 🙂 Q

  2. Hi Marlyn… once before I mentioned that the link from the reader won’t open your recent posts correctly. It generally open the post images and won’t allow comments or likes. This is what opened this morning … another blog address linked to your current blog. Perhaps technical support can help.
    This one is what opened – I speculate – this probably is causing the problems with two blogs registered to the same name…
    ~ Eric

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