Ajay, a paragon of fine art

Six months ago, i thought of honoring a friend at WP.  A better way of doing it is by designing an award dedicated to his love for fine art.  Hence the birth of the Paragon of Fine Art Award.

An Ajay-inspired award for outstanding model bloggers whose posts excel in arts. It is designed to acknowledge bloggers who show affinity for arts in general and the other fields like literature (prose or poetry), graphics, photography, sketches and/or doodles, multimedia,  sculpture and more.

paragon of fine art in color for wp

Until then, will look out for your blissful posts from heaven

and for more angelic inspirations.    ;D


9 thoughts on “Ajay, a paragon of fine art

  1. I wanted to say that there are some strange things going on with your posts! Sometimes they don’t come up on my Reader and other times, when I push like, it won’t stay on ‘like!’ I apologize and wish to tell you that I have been reading you along with liking you, but there is no evidence when I check back on your blog! So sorry and I cannot figure out why this is happening! Wishing you Smiles, Robin

  2. I’m sure we will hear from him from heaven : )

    He personally helped through my journey teaching me to have courage, I am at loss for words of his death. Such a beautiful tribute from you.

  3. Hi Marlyn Suarez-Exconde…..Just so touched to see this award dedicated to Ajay Bhaiya he was great inspiration to all. This award is a beautiful tribute to him. He will resides in our heart forever and this award is will keep spreading his love to everyone.

    Stay Happy & Blessed

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