there will be days

there will be days


6 thoughts on “there will be days

  1. living the retired life on a fixed income and having to ration food, well on days i fast cuz i am near broke well, i myself realize how some on the planet must feel, is my day i guess of fasting for them in a way… an yep a realization a day jest might keep da doc away…. take care Q

  2. I absolutely love your Blog! It is phenomenal! I look forward to each post you make : )

    1. thank you very much for your kind words Dawn ;D
      i’d like you to know how much i admire you amidst the trials, you show so much strength and courage… always leaving a positive note on every post. you are dynamic and you radiate inspiration

      1. Oh wow, your comment is breathtaking! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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