disinfect and deodorize

disinfect and deodorize


11 thoughts on “disinfect and deodorize

  1. Such an important post. There is nothing strong enough to erase the memory/memories, except for revenge. But most people think revenge is a bad thing. I’m not one of those people. I think it’s better to replace the horror of abuse with memories of revenge. Revenge can be a powerful thing. It’s fair and just. It seemed to me that if revenge was the result of abuse, maybe so many people wouldn’t abuse women and children. If the abusers KNEW they would get PAYBACK, they might not keep raping and beating others, because the thing is…those people are cowards and they don’t want to be hurt. I’m for revenge. Best revenge…throw the person into a prison yard filled with guys who don’t like other people who hurt kids or women and let them have the person for a day or two. Could cut down on that kind of thing, don’t you think? And what’s fair is fair. Bigger person raping, threatening and beating up on children or women…bigger guys raping, threading and beating up on those who do the crime. Perfect ending.

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