daddy angel

daddy angel


14 thoughts on “daddy angel

  1. Very touching… and well expressed. It made me think of my Dad and our times.
    Although when i was a child i too had a fear of my Father and was expected to behave properly and all, i was also well encouraged to express within a much wider and tolerant perimeter of acceptance. I dont think you should blame yourself for your reserved way back then, It was not your fault, it was your perception of what you were expected and being young was difficult to assess a point of Balance.
    If our Loved ones live in some other dimension after life and remain connected to us your Dad will surely know how you feel about him…

  2. Touching words. It took me back to my memories of my Dad. We remember because we loved and was loved. Thank you.

  3. Very sad. The nature of human nature. Yes, we could always have done more and wish we had when we look back but I bet he knows now in spades and is so proud of, and happy with, your love.

  4. Very nice-touching. I miss my dad too, gone 6 years. After the parents pass there can be regrets at time & opportunities with them wasted, I think that’s true for most people. We think of how things could have been better– more fulfilling, more loving. But it’s comforting to imagine they see us now and hear our thoughts.

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