Virtual Blog Tour

With the kind gesture of Imelda Santore, i was given the opportunity to take  part in this journey which aims to present innovative and refreshing bloggers. To  get acquainted with each other’s  creative ways,  source/s of inspiration, what  keeps one on his/her toes, projects,  books published or yet to be.

Thanks for the break, Imelda.

To view her e2f9d4edb2f1c628ec09f1b6856e1b4bcharming photos and eloquently expressed  thoughts about life, nature, spirituality just to name a few, you can reach Imelda at MY WORD WALL.  A dedicated wife and mother,  another proof that good women are not yet facing extinction. Blogging for her is like opening  another window, where she fires her creativity in words and shoots grand photos shared to us and to her group, dVERSE Poets Pub.

my moment …

What am I working on?

There have been inquiries about selling my artwork and/or poems.  I first joined Greeting Card Universe (GCU) before i started blogging.  Then i  tried out  Fine Art  America  (FAA) and Society6 (S6) – still testing the waters.  Along with the suggestion of a  blogger friend to compile my pieces, my husband plans to come up with a collection of my poems with the images.

where will global warming take us 
where will global warming take us?

united colors,
the language of love  09. 27.13  united colors the language of love



horse sense   09.09.13  horse sense




what matters and does what matters and does notnot   03.10.14


accented silence   0accented silence3.11.14  



rainbow rain   05.13.14

rainbow rain

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

When i started to blog, i did not intend to be different at all.  As i did not know yet what was waiting for me in the blogosphere.  I followed blogs and liked many posts  as i  went on with my own kind of  creative writing.  Began doing what my family and i love most, drawing and poetry.   Niching my way at WP, leaving impressions on our artwork (my kids and mine) with  intellections on life, the mind, spirituality, relationships, people, society and more.

we seem to know

we seem to know

instruments                                                       infinitesimal
03.24.14                                                                05.22.14   infinitesimalinstruments






happy april fool’s  03.31.14

happy April Fool's

your As are Zs to me 05.21.14

your As are Zs to me







Why do I write/create what I do?

I simply like drawing, creating, coloring and writing.  Sharing my realization to some, hoping it could cheer up a lonely soul or  give light and pacify minds in the midst of confusion and fear.

silent melody   05.01.14

silent melody

it’s all in the mind   01.09.14 

it's all in the mind


How does my writing/creating process work?

A happy wife makes a happy mother which then results to a peaceful and happy-living  family. The key to my creativity therefore, is happiness.  Although there are times when i’m  empathetically driven to write about adversity, other’s misfortune and  abandoned children’s heartaches.

the key to a happy family
the key to a happy family 04.11.14
granting simple wishes
granting simple wishes

It may be odd for some, but household chores have become a source of inspiration, too.  For instance  while washing clothes, ideas would start to foam,  while preparing meals thoughts start to percolate,  while gardening and when i’m about to sleep.

the sun is out
the sun is out 07.31.13
the zombie in me
the zombie in me 08.20.13

 I  don’t draw and write my thoughts at the same time.  When my words are ready, i choose which image would go well with it. Sometimes i use my children’s sketches (old and new)  at times  i use mine or my husband’s drawings and photos.

their moment …

Please welcome three more brilliant and gifted bloggers for the virtual blog tour.  Do visit their wonderful blogs, let’s get to know each other and make a connection.  Thank you.

“I Blog Therefore I am”

Cindy Knoke

Articulates the beautiful things in life, her delightful diversions,  photos of flowers, birds and animals from her travels.   Enjoys nature, celebrates creation, every conscious being and thing is immortalized in her posts. Do visit her blog and discover Cindy’s flair in photography and in writing.  She also does book reviews at goodreads and travel reviews at tripadvisor. She’s also at  xing  and Linkedin.

Like it or not, it’s already written, my way.



belsbror  tries out new ideas and ways of making his blogging experience more worthwhile.  Delights readers with his inspiring allegories and metaphors.  For instance, his analogy between farming and blogging as both being productive. You can plant the seeds that will grow into something beneficial to you and other people. Blogging, on one hand,… find out more at  belsbror.

a self-taught artist discusses acrylic painting, photoshop and the creative process

Robert Conway works in midtown Manhattan as a digital retoucher  at McCann Erickson.  His favorite leisure activity is painting and he has been into it for eleven years now.  On his blog, he gives tips  on acrylic painting which he learned from observation and through trial and error.  Know more and see his representational artwork and why he calls them so at Busy Brush Cafe.  Marvel at his paintings, meet the genius.

it’s 3 + 1 for me

Max and Alex of humanizenz

Chill the Fook Out ….AND! Get creating

A blog that amuses and entertains.  Max and Alex challenge themselves merely for the fun of drawing from  a line.  The dares to come up with inventive figures, demand great amount of creativity.  If you are up for the challenge, you may join them and send your funny and colorful creation.  Visit them at humanizenz.

“We really just do this for the fun of it, to improve our creating skills & hopefully to inspire others to rekindle their creating abilities rather than getting stuck in trying to achieve perfection…humanizenz  is dedicated to reviving & encouraging those who were fooled into mistrusting their ability to create. ”         


8 thoughts on “Virtual Blog Tour

  1. Marlyn, thank you very mush for a lovely write-up. :- I can already imagine your works published as glossy pages of a book. I wish you well and I hope it gets published soon. I will be the first to promote it in my social pages. 🙂

  2. Just signed on, 🙂
    A very refreshing post. Admirable indeed. 😀
    Thank you for featuring my blog. I always appreciate all the support and encouragement.

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