fairy figurine

fairy figurine


12 thoughts on “fairy figurine

  1. always seems a fee an or a price to pay for anything and everything huh,,,even love, sumtimes as it comes an goes so sad but true, after one has lived many a years, learn this story well, wunder if REAL LOVE? will evr come and stay , we shall see huh time shall tell.. ok kewl stuff once again to the one half way across the werld . smile today! cuz u make some in the werld do jest that! ,,,take care Marlyn…” yes” ” to thine own self be true” peace-out!…… q

  2. Hey Funny girl thanks for the giggle, cute and love the poem and image..your cool
    My daughter is having her surgery Tues so I may not be here till next week…
    just wanted you to know ..

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