14 thoughts on “crossing

  1. How can we be certain of peace in the midst of these uncertainties?
    Who knows what’s on The Other Side? No expectations?
    We can desire that, too. “Free from Want” is the
    dual paradox we cannot be free from.
    Let go, and let God? Ego
    believes that, too.

  2. Your words and images always transcend into a very lovely spiritual plain of understanding…you make hearts smile with your always embracing post! One can look at their beauty and know that the creators touch of love is alive deep within your heart! You are a blessing M! May you and your family have a very lovely weekend my sister!

  3. Profound thoughts on bridges. I am sorry to be so mundane but I have been trying to figure out what media you use. Are your pictures drawings or water colors or markers? I hope you don’t mind me asking because it is not just the words I love in your posts, but also, the artwork. You are so talented and prolific and computer saavy!

  4. Crossing the bridge. Crossing the divide into uncharted territory. This is an act of courage and faith for anyone seeking their purpose in life.

    You words ring true. One must be clear of mind, have faith and have the resolve to face uncertainty…to take the risk to gain a new perspective…a new revitalized purpose.

    Very best to you, Marlyn.


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