wrongly packaged

wrongly packaged


11 thoughts on “wrongly packaged

  1. Is not the greater mistake to assert that certain feelings and preferences only go with certain body types? That a person was ‘born wrong’ and has to be ‘corrected’ with surgery. Would it not be better to teach them that their birth is the perfect example that it is both ok and natural to have ‘cow’ feelings in a ‘bull’ body or vice versa and that no surgery is required for them or other people to love them exactly as they are? Just something I’ve always had trouble understanding. I’m not a fan of elective or cosmetic surgery of any kind and feel that instead of helping, it is wrongly telling the pre-op patient they are not acceptable as they are. And since the genetics of who they are don’t change through surgery, it implies they aren’t acceptable post-op either. Not that I think you are implying any of the negative stuff, your post just got me thinking. Peace.

    1. i’m not for surgery either, if the person can deal with his/her homosexuality not minding the social dictates or what others may think or say, that would be great. i have nothing against homosexuals, too. i hope they find acceptance from themselves and from others and find their place safely. ;D

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