20 thoughts on “instruments

  1. Truly unique and thoughtful!!

    a question…
    Some of your images look like fractals. Do you sometimes start with fractal renders to create your paintings? If so, what programs do you use?
    Just curious…

    1. am a great fan of fractals, i love patterns and abstracts. i don’t know what application / software is used for creating fractals (am very interested to know). right now am using PS, Photo-Brush and any editor that is free online. My daughter recently showed me the wonders of Photoshop. how about you?

      1. I am a Corel PhotoPaint user myself (since version 1 back in the early 1990’s). I’ve worked with Photoshop and though I like it I always return to PhotoPaint.

        My favorite fractal program is Fractal Explorer. It can be downloaded for free at

        Another program I use is Apophysis which renders glowing fractals called flame fractals. There are different versions of Apophysis but the one I use the most is Apophysis 7x. It is also freeware and can be downloaded here
        Warning: Apophysis requires a powerful computer!!
        Apophysis can be hard to learn but there are literally hundreds of sites with tutorials on its use.

  2. Beautifully written and a love the analogy of us to instruments. I think we choose whether we will be music or noise to someone. I always try to be more musically inclined 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on The Hunt FOR Truth and commented:
    I love this !
    For some, it takes a long time to master any skill as a human – for others, we are amazed right off from the get-go. It isn’t a race though; whomever is refined we know gets there by the practice that is required.

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