22 thoughts on “endangered

  1. Dear Marlyn, I had re-blogged this wonderful image and words..I just wanted for you to know..sometimes if I don’t get a chance to comment to a couple of your pieces of art..I will always re-blog one so you know I am thinking of you

  2. Also while I am here. I have to go through about 5 screens before I can find a way to comment on your artwork from the Reader. Bet if it was easier to pull up, you would have a lot more comments, plus you should realize a lot of people see and read your artwork but see no way for commenting. I was determined to find away and did! I am not sure why but maybe should think about what is up with that! No way to comment from the Reader! You really should allow for comments from the Reader even if you consider some comments negative. Because “All publicity is Good Publicity”. Keep in mind even someone spreading your name in a negative comment is still good publicity and you couldn’t pay someone to work harder for you. So remember that! That is a well known Advertising Slogan “All Publicity Is Good Publicity”….. Keep Doing What You Are Doing Because It Is Great…… Thanks again, claudy

    1. i already brought the matter to the forum, all they said was that ‘it must be their reader’ it’s been a problem, don’t know what to do, have double-checked my setting the like and comment buttons are both active…

      1. Unable to comment on your blog from the Reader for me….So I don’t know what is up but something is wrong… Hope the answer comes sooner than later…. claudy

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