my kind of tree

my kind of tree


6 thoughts on “my kind of tree

  1. One tree can soak up to a hundred gallons of water a day! If trees were taken away, we’d all drown… Just a little tree trivia. It doesn’t look like any tree I’ve ever seen. I really like the artistry though; and the way you wrapped your words around it. Great job Marty!

  2. Like the upside down tree – I wonder how it would work in a fantasy world. As for me I would prefer the wisdom tree, like the Banyan tree of Buddha. 😉

  3. Lovely poem. My tree would be filled with laughing birds and happy chickens. Chirps and joyful sounds would be ever present and peace would be it’s name. People would climb into the branches and sing with the friendly birds while others danced around the trunk chanting and laughing. This is a wonderful idea.

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