i would like to thank  Syeda Maham of for this wonderful award.  Never thought i’d be a superstar,  at least at WP i was given a chance to be seen as one.   A dream i share with the young and ‘radical’ Syeda.


image location:

this award came from Yasmeen Sana Baloch from The blog ‘Twinkling Star’.  And her rules are almost  the same with the other awards’.  Plus got to answer her set of questions…

Answer these questions while linking back that person on your blog…
1)The most funniest thing about you.
2)Who is your favorite personality?
3)What is your lucky thing?
4)What is your favorite weather?
5)A name that you want to give me. “

and another set of questions from my dear Syeda as listed below.

  • Pray tell us….why do you write?
  • what is life to you?
  • Do you forgive easily?
  • Beauty.Your definition.?
  • Fiction or hardcore fact?
  • A fictitious character that resembles yourself (in any respect)
  • Something you’ll never forget
  • Did you ever hate..?
  • Your brand of utopia consists of…..
  • Your comments on the Radical blog

the other superstars are:

i can go on and on and on…


8 thoughts on “superstars

    1. this just in (from Syeda)

      Oops! I should have been more explicit with the rules.My bad 🙂
      Here we go
      1.Display the award logo in the post
      2.Answer the questions I have put forward
      3.Nominate your besties 🙂
      4.Ask them as many questions as you like 🙂

      Have fun 🙂

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