how come?

i’ve barely read the posts of bloggers i’m following at the Reader and this is what i get …

“Sorry, there are no more posts to read but you can always check out freshly pressed!”



28 thoughts on “how come?

  1. You should consult with the support.

    Your post is displayed in my Reader, but the items of the foot line are not displayed. [ Reblog, num of Comment, num of Liked ]

    This phenomenon has been continuing up through today. And it is only your blog that this occurs.
    (I suppose that you have the multiple user account of the different language.)

    1. I just confirmed that the footer item was displayed. [ Reblog, num of Comment, num of Liked ] The header item was displayed at the same time. [ Block this blog, Report spam, Report mature ]

  2. They are always changing the lay-out, just like FB do. There was at one time no freshly pressed.. They had a much better system, where the blogs were put into page-posts, then posted in Google for bloggers to read. The blog posts in Google were posted in a format “similar topic,” so one could easily find blogs you enjoyed. That’s how it was in WP, when I joined. Most blogs then also relied on a readership independent to WP.. In other words, blogs had to rely on the world-wide web for an audience more than circles as to date. Now we have Freshly pressed, known to some, as Freshly p-ssed. It is totally biased in favour of the young staff. Another thing I might mention is there are no categories in wordpress, that i can find, for spiritual matters/interests. There was a token one called Chidren Of Light, but they no longer bother to update it. very best eve..xx p.s. There’s no category for Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Multi-faith… there are Categories for everything else..

    best wishes eve.. (Must be quick, cos I am hungry..) 🙂

  3. maybe you can ask on the WP forums.. I have a feeling that the staff are trying to create with wp, something similar to FB or Google Plus.. For it is very difficult to find a WW audiences nowadays.. on the net.. thanks..

  4. Hi. I read your post and want to like them but there is no place to like them or comment on them unless I go to your site. I think your settings are on comments or notifications are off. Please look into that:) Peace.

  5. That’s really odd – I don’t have an answer I’m afraid. I have the same problem trying to do justice to those who are able to produce huge amounts of material. I never seem to get through it all, and some I’d love to see I miss. Good luck. Susan x

  6. did not see this but i have had WP problems before. they usually sort out after a while but it can be frustrating. now i bookmark the blog on but recently my laptop died so i am re-bookmarking on my temp mac until i sort out my crashed laptop or get a new one 😦 hope your probs get sorted out soon.

  7. They do seem to change things around regularly and frustratingly. When I click on a blog now a box comes up with a message. I ignore the message and click on the blog title in the box. That seems to work. It makes me have to go through another step though.

    1. i do get posts now sometimes it just won’t go farther that 2 hours ago. it would skip to one day or 3d ago…?? now, i’m receiving comments that i don’t have the like button on the reader ??? don’t know anymore what’s next. 😦

  8. I’ve noticed the same thing. The reader gives only the last couple of days of blogs. I find it quite frustrating. I can’t manage to get to the reader daily, so I know that I’m missing things.

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