glow sister

glow sister


17 thoughts on “glow sister

  1. It is so hard to get into your site. That’s why I don’t visit your actual site everyday. I love your work but if I don’t say so it’s because I can’t get in without a lot of work.

    1. don’t know what to say…i also don’t have an idea with what’s going on with the reader…but this i know for sure – i am thankful for your having to take all the trouble just to let me know that you love my work. thank you very much 🙂

  2. Exactly what kind of Art would you call that? How do you get a luminous effect like that? It’s got a real 3 D effect! That’s so cool!

    I really liked the poem as well! It was funny for the first two verses, and then the third verse made me think about it, and yes, you can carry an after glow… Great work Marlyn!

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