horse sense

horse sense


31 thoughts on “horse sense

  1. The thought that this provokes is great, and I love the metaphor. It is true there are many different kinds of people. It is way to often that we all must trust while still looking behind our back.

    Minds bound beneath our skulls, weighted by stupidity. – Click it, you know you want to!

  2. Yes, dragons sometimes do as they please, lookout sometimes they nasty tricks like being in two places at once.

  3. Excellent! When I was a teacher I remember the grammar school teachers used two phrases to help the youngest students to understand the difference between this conflict in life. They called the good things, “Warm Fuzzies” and the bad things in life “Cold Pricklys”. Your work reminded me of that and brought a smile to my face. Thank you Marlyn!

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